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PureDrops in Nepal


In 2023, the PureDrops team is planning to continue the work started last year in Nepal, and expand the number of schools we have helped gain access to clean drinking water. 

The SIM 20 generation is in the phase of raising funds and building partnerships to help achieve this goal to its fullest potential. If you want to help us in this mission, please contact us or donate through the follow links: 


"10.8 million people in Nepal do not have access to improved sanitation, and 3.5 million do not have access to basic water services."

In 2022, PureDrops went to Nepal for the first time. In Nepal, our organization focussed on schools water filtration systems, to give help increase student's access to clean drinking water. Our goal was based on the idea that a healthy learning environment forms the foundation of a growing and prosperous society. This fight against unhealthy drinking water is ongoing, but with help from our partners and donors, we were able to install 3 water filters, each with the lifespan of 5+ years, and collectively helping provide clean water to more than 3000 students in Nepali Schools

The PureDrops team donated was thrilled to have interacted with the children and people of Nepal, and hope to see them soon again! 

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