To live in a world in which every human being has immediate access to clean drinking water.

“I see education as the backbone of personal growth. Through providing clean drinking water to local schools in Rwanda, our initiative serves as the foundation for social and economic development. I aim to raise the awareness of health-related issues arising from unclean drinking water by utilising my work experience in the startup and NGO environment”.

-Jeremy Scheibböck


“Through our initiative, I aim to increase access to clean drinking water as a basic human right. My previous volunteering experience has given me the social sensitivity necessary to face complex situations. I want to use my business knowledge to improve this initiative's self-sustainability and help our partner NGO to become even more efficient.”

-Helena Valente


“I am excited to build on the work of previous generations and to extend PureDrops’ mission of making water purification systems more accessible to the next country - Rwanda! To achieve this goal, I am planning to leverage my entrepreneurial experience to help the local partner with setting up operations in Rwanda.”

-Johannes Schädler


"I expect to bring clean water facilities and concepts to more people in Rwanda. I will use my previous experience as a volunteer to develop a trustful relationship with the children and believe that my startup experience will help me to better expand with our partners in this new country."

-Daohan Wang


“I want to provide early childhood education centres in Rwanda with access to clean drinking water to have a profound impact on the children’s health and their long-term perspectives. Through previous consulting and start-up experience, I combine solution-oriented thinking and hands-on mentality to help our local partner Spouts of Water to establish a new business site.”

-Marc Prochmann