Our partners and sponsors

We would like to thank our partners for their support over the years. Also this year PureDrops is looking for new partners to support our cause. If you are interested in our project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current partners and sponsors


University of St.Gallen

PureDrops was founded as part of one course of the Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM), the Imagination Challenge. The University of St.Gallen currently covers half of our travel expenses.

SPOUTS of Water

SPOUTS of Water, Uganda 

SPOUTS of water is PureDrops' new partner in Uganda. We are very proud to have established the contact and support the work of this organisation which was founded only in 2012 by Kathy Ku and John Kye. 


We are looking for new partners.

If you are interested in our project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Partners and sponsors of previous generations


Ecofiltro, Guatemala

Ecofiltro has been for years our trusted partner in Guatemala. In 2019, Ecofiltro is our knowledge partner. Founded in the nienties by Philip Wilson, the social business has received numerous awards from prestigious organisations, which prove not only the effectiveness of the product itself, but also the delivery model in the field. 



Cawst used to be PureDrops' partner during the project Kelbung in Indonesia, providing us with biosand filters.

Yayasan Pondok Kasih

Yayasan Pondok Kasih


Yayasan Pondok Kasieh was our partner NGO during th project Kelbung in Indonesia, that helped us distribute and install more than 100 filters in rural Indonesia.