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Our Stories

Since 2012, we have been working around the world to help people in need get access to clean water.



PureDrops was established

PureDrops was founded in St. Gallen by seven motivated SIM (Master of Strategy and International Management at the University of St.Gallen) students and was also supported by the SIM team as a part of SIMagination Challenge.



PureDrops' first stop was in Indonesia, where the PureDrops team donated over 100 water filters in 2013 to help the local community.




PureDrops has been running a water purification programme in Guatemala for five consecutive years and has partnered with the local organisation Ecofiltro to donate water filters to residents of the Purulha region and children in rural Guatemala, reaching over 15,000 people.



After achieving milestones in Guatemala, PureDrops has expanded its reach to Uganda, with children as the main target of assistance.

PureDrops partnered with local organisation Spouts to donate nearly 400 water filters in two years.

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Because of COVID19, PureDrops' water purification programme was interrupted for a year. In 2022, our team went to Nepal and installed biosand filters in Nepali schools with our partner SmartPaani. We were able to give access to clean drinking water to more than 3000 children, and also several households with individual small household filters that we installed.  Our goal in 2023 is to expand further in Nepal, and reach schools in the more distant places, for which we are in the fundraising phase.

Stay tuned!

To be continued...

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