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PureDrops in Guatemala


In 2014 the PureDrops team went to Guatemala to collaborate with the award-winning organisation Ecofiltro. We were able to provide around 1,000 underprivileged families with clean drinking water.


The focus of the project was the Purulha region. This very rural region in Guatemala is characterised by extreme poverty and is in desperate need of clean drinking water. Together with our reliable partner, we distributed ceramic water filters, educated local communities and kicked-off a self-sustaining business model.



After the positive feedback from the 2014 group, the third generation of PureDrops team decided to continue the collaboration with the award-winning organisation Ecofiltro.


After analysing a number of different options regarding the location for the project as well as several filtration technologies, the team came to the conclusion that continuing the successful cooperation with Ecofiltro in Guatemala was going to have the greatest impact.


While the achievements from last year's group were substantial, PureDrops team continued bringing some new life into this partnership and went beyond what has been achieved in the past. 



In 2016 the fourth PureDrops generation continued the project in Guatemala with our partner Ecofiltro. Through the distribution of eco-friendly water filters, they were able to reach 13,500 children in the rural areas of Guatemala.

Several filters were donated to schools, but the team also improved the number of filters that families buy for their home use by introducing a trial approach. Families became able to try the filter at home and then decide whether to buy it or not. Many families were enthusiastic about the filters after trying and usually buy one after they found out its benefits.



For the past 3 years, PureDrops has operated in Guatemala, a country in which 98% of the water sources are contaminated. According to the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, this is due to high levels of fecal waste and chemical residuals. One of the most common waterborne disease encountered in the country is bacterial diarrhea, which is the second largest cause of morbidity and mortality among children.

In 2017, the PureDrops team continued providing the rural population of Guatemala with clean drinking water thanks to the collaboration with our local partner Ecofiltro. 

PureDrops team focused on children in particular and donated 450 water filters to schools directly in 2017.

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