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Our fundraising activities 2017-2018


PureDrops has been raising funds this year not only through direct donations but also through a crowdfunding campaign and our famous bake sales in the city of St.Gallen. Moreover the team is actively looking for corporate sponsoring.















We are glad to present you our 2018 crowdfunding campaign.

We love it, and hope you'll love it too!

Please support the project on generosity:


Bake sales

Our team has been baking delicious cookies, brownies and crepes to then sell them in the city of St.Gallen on four bake sales events this year. People passing by could give a donation and receive our cookies as a small thank you for their support.


We would like to thank all people in St.Gallen that supported our project. With your donations we will be able to donate water filters to schools in rural Guatemala!

Corporate sponsoring

Our team is actively looking for corporate partners interested in supporting our project.


We are very proud to have been awarded a monetary prize by the Boston Consulting Group for the impact, creativity and sustainability of our project.