Guatemala 2017

For the past 3 years, PureDrops has operated in Guatemala, a country in which 98% of the water sources are contaminated. According to the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, this is due to high levels of fecal waste and chemical residuals. One of the most common waterborne disease encountered in the country is bacterial diarrhea, which is the second largest cause of morbidity and mortality among young children.

This year the SIM 13 generation will continue providing the rural population of Guatemala with clean drinking water thanks to the collaboration with our local partner Ecofiltro. In particular we will focus on children.


We will reach our goal in two ways:

1. Directly, by donating 450 water filters in schools;

2. Indirectly, by helping our partner Ecofiltro provide 1 million
rural families with filters by 2020.

Our Approach

During the last years Ecofiltro has been running a program in several schools in Guatemala. The social business donates filters to schools and organizes presentations with the parents of the children attending the schools with the aim of convincing them to purchase the filters for their home use. The final objective is to provide not only children but also whole families with access to clean drinking water at home. Before the presentation of Ecofiltro each school organizes an educational week for the children about health, nutrition and water, called «Semana del Agua» (Water Week).

Our approach this year is based on two pillars:


1. Increasing attendance at school presentations by involving children and parents

2. Increase the effectiveness of the sales representatives of Ecofiltro by strengthening their competencies or techniques in the sales process.

With respect to the first pillar, we would like to add interactive elements to the educational program «Semana del Agua», e.g. school recitals on the topic of water, painting day for the children with coloring books. Adding interactive activities to the already existing structure could raise the interest of children and increase the level of involvement of their parents. The latter would come to school not only for a parent meeting and an Ecofiltro presentation, but also and above all to see their children performance at the end of the Water Week.

The second pillar is expected to have an indirect benefit on both the children and the parents. In fact, we would like to help the nine sales representatives of Ecofiltro to make their message more powerful and bold to convince more parents of the benefits of clean drinking water for their children. In order to do so, we will have an open discussion with the sales representatives and try out some best practices in their sales speech. Being management students, we believe that we can make use of our skills and competences to help EcoFiltro reach more families and children.