884 million people do not have clean water close to home 

31% of schools do not have clean water 

Every $1 invested in water and toilets returns an average of $4 in increased productivity.


PureDrops' mission is to provide access to clean drinking water to those most in need

Today, 884 million, or 1 in 9, people live without access to safe water (water.org). This is a health crisis leading to high rates of child mortality and sickness. But it is also a women’s crisis with women being responsible for collecting water in most countries. Consequently, women and girls are adversely affected since this task takes time away from opportunities for self-development, such as work or school. Consequently, water dictates the economy now and in the future.


At PureDrops, we want to live in a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water. Therefore, it is our vision to be able to contribute to a higher level of access to safe clean drinking water; directly by donating filters and indirectly by consulting our partner organisation and educating the communities.


PureDrops is a registered Swiss Charity Organisation founded in 2013 and driven by students at University of Sankt Gallen. Read more about the current team: 



In 2020

In 2020, the team behind PureDrops will go to Uganda for the second time. After operating in Guatemala and Indonesia, we moved our efforts to a location more in need and where our impact will be greater. Read more about our coming work in Uganda and how to donate: